Adelaide Magician and Children's Entertainer​

Adelaide Magician Bingo Jack is perhaps the best value for money magician for hire in town! Amazing magic, terrific entertainment and lots of fun for your next event, oh and don’t forget the laughs!

Whether, for adults or children, large or small.… Bingo Jack will make your event memorable.

A must for:
• Birthday party magic shows
• Preschool, School and OSHC magic shows
• Weddings and Anniversaries
• Country shows, Fetes and Fundraisers!
• Community and Seniors events

The focus is always on fun and entertainment.

Bingo Jack is also a funny ventriloquist. You can invite him to bring along one of his little friends!

Events for everyone...

A versatile, experienced, professional magician, ventriloquist and entertainer, Bingo Jack will work with you to make your event a success!

Family magic for Community events, such as a:

  •  School Fete
  •  Country Show
  •  Fund Raiser
  •  Community Celebration

Whatever the occasion, Bingo Jack can help your organising committee present a simple, entertaining and easy experience.

For private events,

  •  Weddings
  •  Birthdays
  •  Anniversaries
  •  Dinners or Private parties

Bingo Jack will amaze, amuse and entertain your guests and make the event truly memorable.

Be it a staged show, or mixing and mingling to engage, introduce and break the ice everybody will feel special and the magical wonders will be memorable!

My Shows

Kid’s birthday party magic shows.

Great magic and family entertainment with laughs,  participation and amazement all round!

World’s Best Magic Show packages:

  1.  Half hour magic show
  2.  45 Minute magic show.

The World’s Best Magic Show packages include:

  •  Terrific family magic show!
  •  Tailored for your child’s age and your special requirements!
  •  A special birthday routine for the birthday child!
  •  Lots of great photo opportunities!
  •  Participation, laughs and fun for all!


Beaut Balloon’s:
A World’s Best Magic Show followed by each child receiving a balloon sculpture.

Great Games: A World’s Best Magic Show followed by a half an hour of great games with prizes!

The Puppet Package: A World’s Best Magic Shows with a visit by Benny Bright Eyes. Benny is full size ventriloquist puppet who does some magic and then spends 15 minutes after the show talking with the children, joking and posing for photographs. Close up ventriloquism!

The whole enchilada: A World’s Best Magic Show with both the Beaut Balloon and Great Games packages to provide a whole party for you!

School Magic Shows

School magic shows are educational and designed specifically for Kindergartens, Child Care Centres and Primary Schools (Years R/K-6).

Magic shows that use magic, puppetry, laughter and fun to present important lessons and support Australian curriculum requirements. 

Well-established educational magic shows with Educator’s Notes!

Bingo Jack’s Little Mates Show

A 45-minute show designed for young children that teaches three key messages:

  • You and me are just the same’,
  • Please come and join my game’ and
  • ‘Play fair and share’.

Using a variety of magic routines the children will learn about:

  • Making good choices,
  • Respecting differences in appearance and culture and
  • How it is important to behave properly to others.

A perfect learning program to re-enforce friendship and anti-bullying behaviours during the school year. The show is designed for Preschool/Kindergarten children and R/K-2 Primary School years (3-7 year olds).

Bingo Jack’s I CAN Do It Show

A 45-minute resilience magic show designed for young children teaching a simple problem-solving approach.

  • Stop
  • ‘Think’ and
  • ‘Try and try again’.

Using a variety of magic routines the children will learn:

  • To Stop, breathe and identify the real problem;
  • To think, and plan a response;
  • To try, and not to be afraid of failure, then try again.

This is the perfect learning program to problem solving techniques and abilities.  This show is designed for Preschool/Kindergarten children and R/K-2 Primary School years (3-7 year olds).

Educational Magic Shows in Adelaide Adelaide Magician - Bingo Jack Magic

Bingo Jack’s Just For Fun Show

A 45 minute hilarious, participative magic show that will engage, and amaze the children and leave them talking about the experience for months afterwards!

A perfect celebration and a great learning experience for the children who may have had limited exposure to live performance. Expectations are established at the outset and behaviour critiqued at the end of the show which provides real action learning. Fun with an educational purpose too!

A numbers and counting theme can be included in this show on request.

This show is designed for Preschool/Kindergarten and early Primary School children (3-7 year olds) and the show routines are varied for 3-4 year olds and 5-7 year olds.

Bingo Jack Vacation Care Shows

Bingo Jack’s Vacation Care Magic shows are more than just a magic show, they’re an experience!

Paper Plane Show

90 minutes of interactive fun! An amazing 40-minute magic show followed by a paper plane workshop, where the children learn how to make a paper plane before piloting them through a range of targets, obstacles and tests of skill.

All materials are supplied, all you need to provide is a large, preferably indoor, space such as a gymnasium in which the paper planes can be flown!

Fly a Kite Show

A 90 minute program that includes a 40-minute magic show followed by kite flying where the children form into small groups and go fly a kite!! Each child gets a chance to fly a real kite.

All kites are supplied, all you provide is an oval and some slip, slop, slap!!

This show is subject to the extremes of weather and where conditions are not suitable another show may be substituted at no additional cost.

Puppet Show

This 90 minute program has a 40 minute magic show followed by a puppet-making workshop.

The children will see puppets perform magic and the show includes mime and ventriloquism. The puppets used are explained and the children are allowed to handle selected puppets before they make their own sock puppet.

The children learn how to demonstrate emotions with a puppet, develop a puppet character and character profile and learn about puppet performance.

Magic School Show

A 90 minute program that includes a terrific 40 minute magic show followed by the children being taught three simple magic tricks.  Each child will receive at least one routine they can take home and show Mum and Dad.

All materials and instructions are supplied.  All you need to provide is a performance area and a classroom for the magic instruction!

World’s Best Vacation Care Magic Show

A 45 minute laugh out loud magic show for all ages with heaps of participation for the whole audience that will engage, and amaze the children and leave them talking about the experience for months afterwards!!

Bingo Jack Seniors Shows

Bingo Jack has a range of terrific shows for seniors and aged care centres.

Seniors Magic Show

60 minutes of magic, puppetry and ventriloquism that engage and allow participation whilst remaining seated. These shows allow for the various challenges aging can bring. There are lots of bright colours, large props that are easily seen and no memory tricks!! One of Bingo Jack’s little friends always comes along and is around for photographs afterwards. Great fun!

Memory Shows

Remember When Shows are designed to trigger memories. One of Bingo Jack’s little friends ‘help’ as a range of old film clips, photographs and songs are played about selected topics. The audience is then invited to share their memories. Bingo Jack’s will engage, and allow everyone to participate and play an active role during the show. And then there’s his little mates and the laughs, don’t forget the laughs!!

Weddings and Events

Wedding entertainment

The ceremony is over, the Bride and Groom are off having photos taken and the guests are all standing around, slightly self-consciously, in the foyer looking at each other – how do you break the ice? Call in Bingo Jack!!

Bingo Jack knows how to move through a crowd, engage, amuse and involve people. Introducing strangers, having people laugh together and starting that vibe for a terrific event!

The Bride and Groom are too busy at this point, it is easy to leave it to a professional entertainer who can create a great atmosphere to set that important day off to a great start.

And don’t worry about those price hikes for weddings, Bingo Jack is amazing value for money!

Don’t delay, call Bingo today.

Private functions

Adult parties, reunions, private events, Bingo Jack can provide a solution to make your function amazing, fun and memorable.  Call today and chat through the options.  You won’t be disappointed!

Community Events

Community Shows, Fetes, Fundraisers and similar events are enhanced by Bingo Jack. He will work with your organising Committee to ensure value for money and a trouble free experience. Call today to talk through your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bingo Jack produce a rabbit?

Bingo Jack won’t bring into your house, event or party anything that will bite, scratch, infect or scare you, your guests or your children. So no rabbits, but he has a couple of routines about rabbits that the kids love and he will perform at your party.

Does Bingo Jack allow photo’s?

Absolutely!! Take lots and do post them, just be kind to Bingo Jack!!

A note about balloons?

Some Councils and organisations are now latex free and won’t allow balloons. If you are having your party or event in a park or hire venue it is wise to check on the balloon policy of the council or venue operator.

A note about puppets?

For some children ventriloquist dolls can be a little scary. For young children Bingo Jack can substitute a great big friendly fluffy dog puppet and a cheeky bird! If you are unsure, talk to Bingo about the options, he will make it work for you and your children on the day!

Does Bingo Jack have insurance?

Bingo Jack (John Burgess) holds public liability insurance.  Evidence can be provided on request.

Does Bingo Jack have a working with children clearance?

Bingo Jack (John Burgess) holds Working with Children clearances in each Australian jurisdiction. Evidence of the same can be provided on request.

Does Bingo Jack have teaching qualifications and experience?

Bingo Jack’s natural ability to engage and entertain children is no surprise as has had full-time teaching experience and holds vocational educational qualifications and is now one of the most sought-after children’s magicians in Adelaide and across regional and rural Australia.

Can School show outcomes be customized?

Not only are Bingo Jack’s Educational Magic Shows designed for specific year levels, with real educational outcomes, YES the shows can be customized to suit the needs of your Service.

But we’ve seen one of Bingo Jack’s shows?

No problem, all the magic shows are different, and if you want another show, or a Senior’s Magic Show or a OSHC workshop show repeated Bingo Jack will customize the magic show for you to ensure you see a different magic show.

Why should I choose Bingo Jack?

Here are a few reasons why you simply Bingo Jack is a must hire entertainer for you;

    • It’s easy for you!
      Once you agree what will be performed, sit back and relax – it will just happen for you!
      It’s easy!
    • Experienced Pro!
      With years of experience touring Australia and performing Bingo Jack knows how to entertain.  Bingo Jack is a professional entertainer.
    • Affordable Price!
      Have you found magician’s really expensive in the past?
      Bingo Jack recently said: ‘I love what I do, and my rates reflect that!’
      It is worth making the call and having a discussion about your needs so you can experience the value for money Bingo Jack offers!
    • Customized to Any Age Group!
      Bingo Jack will adjust the show for your event to engage your audience. He will work with you to make sure the outcome is great for you!