Learning on the job!!

12-1 01 photo

Half way through my annual tour of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and I am having a ball!!  The reaction from the children has been terrific at every show.  The Educator’s notes have been well accepted by the Educator’s who can easily link the shows to the EYLF and other school curriculum frameworks being used around the country.  What’s even better is that the changes that I’ve made to the shows have worked really, really well!!  And the enormous response in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg to my Vacation Care Shows has made it really worth the effort.

The highlights so far?  Hmm.  Perhaps the young fellow with special needs at Gladstone who actually shocked the teachers when he lined up for a photo with Wordsworth, my puppet puppy.  Or the smile from the young Danish girl when I did some magic just for her.  She couldn’t speak English and had to talk through Mum and Dad, but with a bit of magic and some nodding she was communicating about magic and having fun on her terms, what a buzz.  Then there was the special problem solving show for my Grandson and Burraneer Bay Primary School where he got to hold a collapsing box.  The reaction was instant and caught in a great photo.

12-1 02 photo

Perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve learned on this trip came from Kerry, an early learning Educator at Gladstone.  She commented that she was amazed the children sat for 45 minutes watching my show as usually they couldn’t sit that long.  Her observation was younger children today tend to lack core body strength to sit for that period.  Hmm, I thought, so I’ve changed my show, now there is even more opportunity for the children to get up and move around.  I even found that older children at Vacation care tend to benefit from moving around more during other shows.  Thanks Kerry.

And then of course, there’s the weather…

Over the next few weeks I move on again, to Townsville, across to Mount Isa and down to Cobar before we return to Adelaide.  While I’m talking about Adelaide, I’ve opened bookings for October Vacation Care Shows in Adelaide and for January Vacation Care Shows in Sydney and Central New South Wales.  Adelaide friends can also book an Educational Show for term 4.

You can check out my Educational Shows here.

You can check out my Vacation Care Shows here.

You can contact me here, or on Linkedin or Facebook.  Don’t be bashful, I’m always up for a chat.



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