Every day’s a ‘Chooseday’!

‘Every day’s a ‘Chooseday’, I get to choose!!’ It’s my favourite new line. I learned it from a grey nomad somewhere along the track recently and the truth of it just struck home with me and was again brought into clear relief last week.

I was in Emerald, Queensland last week performing educational magic shows and we were staying at a local Caravan Park. It was the second year we’d been out there and we were really impressed by the subtle improvements that the Park Manager had made improve the business. Things like a parking system in the unpowered camping area to increase capacity, improved traffic flow and movement through the park, some effective local advertising, remodelling of camp kitchen and laundry facilities. There was much still to do in upgrading this park, but the changes were a great start, positive and there were more guests there than we had seen on our last visit.

This particular park provides entertainment to the guests around the campfire every night in the tourist season, and I was asked if I perform something on a couple of the nights I was there. I really like the park management team, so I agreed, besides it would be fun for me! 15 minutes before show time there’s a knock on the door and standing before me is a retired professional magician who introduces himself, offers me his card and enthuses about he how he’s looking forward to my show.  ‘Always stop by for a magic show’, says he! Ummm, uh-oh, no pressure, just be brilliant, gee thanks so much for me just having a bit of fun!!

Taking children on a journey requires one to be oneself and have a sense of fun- and some funny hats...

The show went well and after the show we had a long chat. My retired friend was bemused that my preferred market segment was children and my business objective was to take the performing art of magic to remote and rural areas where entertainers rarely travel. His view was that ‘Kids are too hard’.

So are they? I must admit the little darlings can be challenging. I’ve always found if, as a performer, you can be at the children’s level, they will accept and reward you every time. As we chatted my retired friend opined that often the trick doesn’t matter, it’s the journey the performer takes the audience along that engages. In my view this principle remains equally true with children.

I’ve always found that taking children on a journey only requires one to be yourself, have a great sense of fun, and actually speak with the audience, not too them. After all, if the audience does me the privilege of watching my performance, the least I can do is the courtesy of speaking with them during, and after the performance. Moreover, kids are a free kick with adults. Engage the children and the adults will enjoy watching them, or so the theory goes!! Then there is the much more confronting reality that children are often more honest and less inhibited than adults (at least the sober ones). In the educational environment, I firmly believe if I can capture the interest and use magic to show the message, it creates a memory.

So I guess it’s the same in any leadership or business role. Every day is a ‘Chooseday’, I get to choose how I will respond and take people on a journey with me. For me, it ain’t rocket science, but boy, for me, it’s a lot of fun!

Bingo Jack (John Burgess) is a travelling children’s entertainer, educator and magician who has travelled Australia over the last 4 years presenting educational shows to schools and preschools. He also presents a range of vacation care shows that have been successful across the country.

He is currently on his annual tour of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Over the next few weeks he will move through Townsville, across to Mount Isa and down to Cobar before returning to Adelaide. Bookings for October Vacation Care Shows in Adelaide and for January in Sydney and Central New South Wales and term 4 educational shows in South Australia are now open.

You can check out Bingo Jack’s Vacation Care Shows here.

You can check out Bingo Jack’s Educational Shows here.

You can contact me here, or on Linkedin or Facebook.

Don’t be bashful, I’m always up for a chat!

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