Way out west!!

Mutt meets mutt

We’re 18 weeks into our winter tour and we’ve arrived in dinosaur country, far west Queensland.  After a great week of great shows in Townsville, we had a week off as we wandered about 800 k’s across the Flinders Highway and spent some time in the little towns along the way that we’d not seen before, Richmond, Hughenden, Julia Creek, eventually arriving in Cloncurry.  The weather has been windy and warm, but what has impressed me most of all is the generosity of those we met.  The kids at my shows in Townsville were terrific, we had a great night at Hughenden where Ginger made an appearance with some Caravaners at the Camp Kitchen, which was really a hoot!!  Then today, at Cloncurry, a first.  I arrived as one if the parents was dolling out a birthday cake.  Sugared up kids at my show!!  What a great idea!!  It was a terrific show and I reckon half the town rolled out to see it too.

So what have been the highlights at the 18 week point?  Last time I talked about special need children, the Danish girl who smiled for me after a bit of magic, my grandsons show and learning about children not being able to sit for long.  They are still highlights, as is the terrific joy of catching up with friends from last year, the great response my new branding has achieved, and being approached to do a couple of shows for remote station kids who were doing their contact week at Emerald.


But perhaps the real lesson is about the tyranny of distance.  The further west we go, the less opportunity the children have to experience various types of entertainment.  I recently did a show where the kids didn’t know a magic word, no not even Abracadabra!  They had never seen a magic show!!  The real challenge is making these remote shows profitable enough to keep coming, whilst keeping them affordable for parents, who ultimately pay the cost, in areas where income is challenged by drought.

We’re off to Mount Isa next week for a week of shows before we turn south and head home.

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