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[ My Story ]
Who's Bingo Jack

Hi, my name is Bingo Jack, well it’s really John, but do call me Jack and I am just the best children’s magician, entertainer and educator you will ever see in your Adelaide lounge room!!  I am what some people would call the kid’s entertainer, touring teacher and memory maker with the magical touch!


My Shows

I tour Australia creating fun, laughter and joy while leaving your message magically for educational and corporate clients across Australia, and yes I will perform at your next birthday party.

Children's Birthday Parties
Bring some WOW and lots of FUN to your child’s party. Two basic packages are available, a magic show, or a magic show with balloons for each child. Packages can be varied to meet your needs. Book today!!
Educational Magic Shows
Magic shows with educational outcomes!! Choose from Just for Fun (introduction to audience behaviour) Little Mates (Friendship behaviours) and I CAN Do It (Problem Solving).
Vacation Care Shows
Just for Vacation Care Services. Choose for 90 minutes shows that include a magic show and a workshop. Three shows are available, flying paper planes, flying kites or making puppets. Book today, don’t miss out!
Children's Events Magician
Need something a little different at your children’s event, corporate show or perhaps for your social club. Bingo Jack will gather a crowd, amuse and amaze the kids and entertain the adults. Give him a call today!!
Some Of My Awesome Clients

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[ My Background]
Who's Bingo Jack

For many years parents across Australia have celebrated their child’s special birthday by inviting Bingo Jack, and it’s always been fun for the whole family.  As a parent, Jack knows how to ease the stress for Mum’s and Dads who are arranging that family birthday party.

Similarly, OSHC and Vacation Care Directors across Australia have engaged Bingo Jack to present his unique Vacation Care Shows that move beyond a magic show to include specially developed activities to engage, exercise and amuse children.  Jack brings his extensive experience in vocational and youth training to these magic shows.  The best recommendation is many customers re-engage him every year.

Since 2016 Jack has been touring his educational magic shows around Australia.  The responses have always been positive, and many Services re-engage him every time he’s in town.

Jack also regularly performs a Country Shows and Ag Days, or even just to travelling kids in caravan parks when touring.  These are great events that not only create a lot of laughs but often take magic to children who don’t otherwise have the experience.

These successes are all built on Jack’s belief children are inquisitive, tactile, love to laugh and like to participate.  Be it a birthday party, a special event, educational show or something impromptu. Bingo Jack’s shows cater to these beliefs, and of course, then there’s the laughter!!

For educational shows, Educator’s Notes are available.  These notes describe each routine and identify the teaching objectives.  Not only are these notes an excellent reminder for Educators, but they allow mapping against the curriculum.  All the fun and laughter is with purpose and leaves a message you. The Educator can continue to use well after Bingo has left the building!

 The most common question educators ask is Do you have a teaching background?’  It’s also often an important question for parents who want a safe, controlled activity.  The answer is YES!!  Jack has extensive vocational training experience.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Diploma in Assessment and Training Systems.  For over ten years he worked in South Australian vocational training.  Has taught extensively and managed training providers.

Have no fear. You are in safe hands with Bingo Jack.

Don’t be put off, Bingo Jack performs the World’s Best Birthday Party Magic Shows!

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