Bingo Jack

Balloon Jam’s are go!!

Kid’s love balloons!!  Would your child love to learn how to ‘twist’ a balloon figure?  Give Bingo Jack a call and he will come to your place and hold a balloon jam.  The kids will learn:

  • What type of balloon you need to twist a shape
  • How to easily inflate a tie a balloon.
  • How to twist a range of simple single balloon figures.
  • Participation, laughs and fun for all!

You can also add a great magic show package too!!

Ideal for Cafés or hospitality businesses emerging from COVID restrictions that are looking for kid friendly activities to engage families and bring customers back to the business, birthday parties, promotions or special events.

Ring or email to book today – don’t delay and miss out!!

Find me on Facebook – Adelaide Magician – Bingo Jack.  Drop me a note here or give me a call, 0417 825 5

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