Birthday party magic!!

Children’s Birthday Magic Shows


For the period of the Corona Virus where public gatherings are difficult Bingo Jack is offering a personal Virtual magic show.  Bingo Jack will stream in a personal birthday magic show for your child. All you need is a mobile device or a computer (perhaps with a HDMI Cable, webcam and a TV) and a Skype account.

Virtual Birthday (2)A 15 minutes interactive magic show over the net to give your child a personal birthday treat and make them special at this really difficult time.

This offer is only available during the Corona Virus lockdowns. 


You can contact Bingo Jack here

Kids Magician Bingo Jack guarantee’sweb-revised-1

  • Fun,
  • Laughs,
  • Participation,
  • Amazement all round.

Bingo Jacks Kids magic shows are

  • risk free and safe,
  • embarrassment free.
  • easy for you,
  • designed for your child’s age.

Shows are packaged for:

  • 60 minutes (45 minutes of magic and balloons for every child)\
  • 45 minutes (45 minutes of magic and puppetry)
  • 30 minutes (30 minutes of magic and puppetry)

4 – 7 year olds

For this age groupdsc01784-2

  • simple tricks,
  • quick tricks,
  • puppetry, (Wordsworth the worlds best dog)
  • lots of group participation.

It is all just right for short attention spans that let Under 6’s zone in and out of the onstage antics.

Have a look at the video at the bottom of the page.  It is heaps of fun!!
Want to hire a magician? Why not chat with Bingo Jack about these shows?  You can contact him here

8 – 10 year olds

For 8-10 year old’s it gets a bit silly.  They will seeweb-revised-3

  • the magical silver sceptre,
  • the never ending paper chain,
  • the delinquent dice,
  • balls that appear & disappear.

Children’s Entertainer, Bingo Jack, knows youngsters in this age range are growing in confidence and enjoy being out the front if they are supported.  This kids magic show is embarrassment free.
Have a look at the video at the bottom of the page.
Why not chat with Bingo Jack about this kids magic show?  You can contact him here

11 – 15 year olds

That awkward age where these youth are growing into young adults. This birthday magic show leads the young people through stories and concentrates on surprising the children. Tricks that are simple, but have a twist in the ending, or are just good fun.
Lot’s of participation and the odd dare with a perception of danger for this age group!

Looking to hire a magician?  Why not talk to Bingo Jack about these magic shows?  You can contact me here

Now you want to know about prices to hire a magician?  It is not as expensive as you think.  A show tailored for your child’s age and your special needs with a birthday present for the birthday child is all inclusive in the one price.  30 and 45 minute packages are available.
All events can also be tailored to meet your special needs, just ask – you won’t be disappointed!!  For a quote, just fill out the contact form here.