Kid’s Birthday Ideas to Inspire Your Child’s Next Party

As soon as you organise one birthday party, it feels like next years is only around the corner.

Kids grow up quickly. Each year, birthday parties present a new challenge for parents. Do you have it at home? Inside or outside? Is what you book today still going to entertain them come party date?

Successful kids’ parties are fun and within budget. But the planning doesn’t stop there. Birthday parties used to be simple affairs, with finger food and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Today, many are choosing to splash the cash on entertainment and food packages.

Whether your child loves the spotlight, prefers to kick back and create, or is fuelled with energy for adventures, there are kids’ birthday party ideas for all to enjoy (yes, even the parents!).

Themed Kids’ Party

Themed parties are a classic way to inject fun and character into your child’s birthday.

You can do something obvious, such as their favourite Disney or movie character, or choose something more generic like princesses and pirates. If you’re a parent who likes to think creatively, find a unique party favourite to theme yourself. Some ideas may include:

  • Book Party: Children choose their favourite book character. Theme the party decorations with books and games
  • Superhero Party: Every child has a hero, let them dress up as theirs for a day
  • Mad Scientist Party: Lab coats, goo and fun science experiments catered to everyone’s age group
  • Nature/Animal Inspired: Turn your home into a zoo for the day or pick a creepy crawly bug theme, Miss caterpillar or the great outdoors (a camping theme party that can be popped up and taken down in a few hours)
  • Alphabet Party: Themed letter party where guests can choose something/someone from the first letter of their name

Theming your party can also make dress up ideas for guests easier. Match food and drink, decorations and any entertainment for a perfectly-themed birthday.


Tip: Get creative and theme the take-home goodies as well! Party bags or other favours can reflect the theme and colours, so everything is coordinated. You can even hire a themed bouncy castle if space permits.

Organise an Entertainer

Craft and games are fun additions to kids’ birthday parties. However, sometimes you want to give your child something extra to celebrate.

You can bring the party to life with an entertainer to keep children engaged and create a memorable event.

Choose from magicians, clowns or your child’s favourite character.

Depending on the age group, there are different things to look for when choosing an entertainer. Younger kids respond to performers who are silly and entertaining.

For example, An Adelaide magician who blows his nose before making a hanky vanish will be more appealing for kids three to seven. Children eight and older usually prefer adult-style magicians so they’re less likely to understand the mechanics of how it works, making it more magical to them.

Make sure you have a dedicated space for the entertainer, away from other distractions.

Entertainer vs. Entertainment

Entertainment doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of an entertainer.

There are party packages and entertainment ideas that can also ensure the kids have fun. They can be in the form of craft workshops, indoor playgrounds, on-the-go-play and everything in between.

Disco or Glow Party

Keep kids moving with a dance or glow party. You can turn your living room into a dance club with a few additions, such as a smoke machine, mirror ball, strobe light and a setlist of tunes. For a glow party, ditch the lights and grab some glow-in-the-dark face paint and/or glow sticks.

Use Party Lights and Special Effects

Party lights can transform a space, setting the mood and ambience of birthday celebrations.

Depending on the theme, you can use coloured lights for vibrancy. Hiring other party products such as special effects lighting, a jukebox, bubble machine or snow machine may also be suited to an older child’s party, especially if they are having a disco.

Planning a child’s birthday party doesn’t have to be a chore. Get inspired and creative with these kids’ birthday party ideas.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts can be tailored to suit different age groups. Make things trickier through challenging clues, games and puzzles. Add a scavenger hunt with a pirate-themed party or do one just because!


A series of games are always handy to add to the party mix. Mix classic kids’ birthday games with giant versions of their favourites for a unique spin.

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