Magic for Senior’s


Lifestyle Villages / Communities

Lifestyle Villages and Communities have been described as the closest thing to caravan parks, without the travel.  Independent seniors living in a care free environment.  For these centres entertainment is generally contracted by the residents and performed in a Village or Community Hall.  These folk want fun, laughs and entertainment and that’s what the Bingo Jack Just For Fun Senior’s Magic Show

For this group the show theme will vary annually.  This year the theme is ‘What’s on the Cards’.  Amid the magic there is the mayhem of McKenzie the card divining chicken, spots that jump around a card, the card that comes back, and the linking rings that don’t with much, much more!  It’s all about participation and fun!!

Looking for something for your Lifestyle Village or Community, why not make the suggestion to your social co-ordinator, or just make a call today!!

Residential Aged Care / Nursing Homes

Residential Aged Care or Nursing Home residents often are supported with a higher level of care and sometimes can be quite limited in their ability to participate, but they recognise fun and are able to laugh and appreciate a bit of amazing magic.

lifestyle-pic4For this group the show provides opportunities to experience simple routines that are performed at a slightly slower pace with some repetition to ensure the best opportunity for understanding.  Participation occurs, but from where the residents are seated.  This group meet McKenzie the card divining chicken (and do the chicken dance), see a newspaper boot filled with oil and not get wet, magically transporting silks around the room and much more.  Everyone gets a chance to participate in some way without embarrassment.

Just fun and laughs.  If you are a carer or Lifestyle Co-ordinator looking for something different, don’t let it pass by!!