Magic Show For Kids

All kids like to be entertained, which is the reason many parents opt to hire a magician for their children’s birthday. Organizing a magic show for kids can be a great idea. It saves you from the burden of trying to entertain your kids throughout the event. The magicians will come with lots of entertainment for amazing kids.

Before you learn how you can choose the right magician for your kid’s birthday, you need to know why kids love magic.

Why do kids love magic?

Usually, magic tricks are a blend of hypnotism, human psychology, extreme practice, and science principles. The magician takes the time to practice their performances, which is why they tend to be perfect at it. The tricks make the kids curious, and keep them entertained.

Here are some of the reasons children love magic:

Its full of fun

To the kids, magic tricks never cease to impress. One magician can come with a hat and pull out a big rabbit from it. Another will tear up pieces of papers and toss them in the air, only to turn them into notes. That is why kids will always want to attend the magic shows and see how the magic is performed. For the kids, it is not about how it is done, but they just want to see it done.

It is an attention-grabber

There is not anytime you will find a child sleeping and not paying attention during a magic show. They will always be attentive and will only want to know what next is going to be transformed. The good thing about the kids’ magicians is that they will ask the children about what they want to see. For instance, the child could say she wants an apple to magically appear, which will be provided by the magician. With this, every child will want to make their wish and have what they want in their hands, though this will need a highly professional magician.

It takes them to the fantasy/magic world

Magic is full of tricks that entail several factors. The magician can make the image of a rabbit, or a toy then transforms it into a real item. This is what makes the children so amused because they are introduced to a world of fantasy. It is like they are living their favorite fantasy-cartoon show. Magic is one thing that will always keep the child entertained, and they will always want to know what happens next.

Finding the right magician for your child

Before you can hire any magician to perform for your child, you must choose one that specifically performs for the kids. Some magicians are illusion-based while others are only playing with your mind which might not go well for the child. The magician that you choose must not be scary or perform scary stunts or tricks to the child. Here is a guide to help you hire the right magician;

Meet the magician in person

Getting referrals alone is not enough to decide if you will be hiring the magician. You will need to meet them and discuss all that is needed. As you are discussing with the magician, touch on the professionalism, personality, and their attitude. The magician must be patient and kind before you hire them for your child’s party. They must also have a happy character and smile a lot. The magician that is friendlier will give the right performance to your child. Avoid magicians that are dressed in a scary outfit and wear horrifying make-ups.

You will also need to be sure that the magician has been in the magic field for quite some time. They must have the right skills and experience. The magician should have specialized in performing the magic show for kids. As you meet and discuss with the magician, ensure that you learn about the cost and what you will pay for the entire show. They must also carry liability insurance that will cover any accidents during the show.

Use Party Lights and Special Effects

Party lights can transform a space, setting the mood and ambience of birthday celebrations.

Depending on the theme, you can use coloured lights for vibrancy. Hiring other party products such as special effects lighting, a jukebox, bubble machine or snow machine may also be suited to an older child’s party, especially if they are having a disco.

Planning a child’s birthday party doesn’t have to be a chore. Get inspired and creative with these kids’ birthday party ideas.

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