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Are you looking to treat your kids with contagious laughter, smiles, excitement, and lifelong memories? Bingo Jack can help you provide the children in your care an unforgettable experience. Children of all ages will enjoy Bingo Jack’s Vacation Care Magic show, and then engage in a terrific workshop!  It’s more than just a magic show, it’s an experience!

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My Vacation Care Shows

Paper Plane Show

90 minutes of interactive fun!  A 40-minute interactive magic show followed by a paper plane workshop.

The children will learn how to make a paper plane before piloting them through a range of targets, obstacles and tests of skill.  This show is really popular and has been presented around the country.  All kites are supplied, all you need to provide is a large, preferably indoor, space such as a gymnasium in which the paper planes can be flown!

Fly a Kite Show

A 90 minute program that includes a 40-minute magic show followed by a full-on kite flying activity!  The children will form into small groups and go fly a kite!!  The aim is that each child gets a chance to fly a real kite.  All kites are supplied, all you need to provide is an oval and some slip, slop, slap!!

Great fun and a really active show.

Bingo Jack’s Puppet Magic Show

This 90-minute program has a 40-minute puppet magic show followed by a puppet-making workshop.  The children will see a very different, funny magic show performed by puppets that include mime and ventriloquism.  Then, different types of puppets are explained and the children are allowed to handle selected puppets before they make their own sock puppet.

A different type of show that introduces some skills and puppets that many children may not have previously experienced.  The children learn about how to demonstrate emotions with a puppet, develop a puppet character and character profile and learn the inner workings of a range of puppets.

Worlds Best Vacation Care Magic Show

A 45 minute laugh out loud magic show for all ages with heaps of participation for the whole audience that will engage, and amaze the children and leave them talking about the experience for months afterwards!!

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Why choose Bingo Jack?

With so many magicians available in Australia, you are probably asking yourself which one to choose. Here’s a few good reasons why Bingo Jack is perhaps the best Vacation Care magician going around right now!

First and foremost, the first thing you will notice about Bingo Jack is professionalism mixed with extensive experience in the magic and teaching.  With an extensive vocational teaching background Bingo Jack learned about children’s entertainment from some of the best magicians in around the world.  These Vacation Care magic shows have been toured around Australia since 2016.  Bingo Jack always gets a great reception and it’s not uncommon to get invited back.

When it comes to magic for children, Bingo Jack is brilliant!!  He know’s what kind of magic the children like, how to capture their attention let them participate and engage them throughout the show.  And then there are the workshops.  Activities presented differently that the kids just love.  You can’t go wrong!

My vacation care magic shows are a mixture of magic and humour. They are guaranteed to deliver a fun, action pack, unique and enjoyable experience for the kids; in fact, everyone is sure to have fun.

Qualifications and experience

With a natural ability to engage and entertain children is no surprise, since Bingo Jack has had full-time teaching experience and holds educational qualifications and is now one of the most sought-after children’s magicians in Adelaide and across regional and rural Australia.

Fun and something else too!

Perhaps, what sets Bingo Jack head and shoulders above the pack is that not only are his Vacation Care Magic Shows designed for the range of ages within your Service, with real educational outcomes, the shows include a workshop activity that the children love.

It’s too easy!

Everything is supplied.  You simply make the booking, sit back and relax knowing that the event will happen seamlessly. During the show you a little staff assistance helping the children in the workshop is needed, but the whole event is staged for you.

But we’ve seen one if your shows?

No problem, all the magic shows are different, and if you want a workshop repeated Bingo Jack will customize the magic show for you to ensure the children see a different magic show.

 Working with children and insurance?

Bingo Jack (John Burgess) holds Working with Children clearances in each Australian jurisdiction and relevant public liability insurance.  Evidence of the same can be provided on request.

 Value for money

You will be surprised how affordable a Bingo Jack Educational Magic Show really is.  Make the call today!

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