Making a children’s magic show!

Recording a Children’s Magic Show was great fun this week. I have been asked to put together a pre-recorded kids magic show for a terrific Charity organisation which has asked for some virtual children’s event magic for a fund raising day. Fortunately, I recently returned from a great trip to New South Wales where I did some fun children’s shows with educational messages in Sydney and regional towns. Got home to a couple of weeks self iso. Making the recording, Ginger and I had the compare duties, but it didn’t all go to plan, we were almost there and…

As COVID restrictions are easing Bingo Jack is available for your event. But don’t forget. if you are planning a virtual event Bingo Jack can create a family friendly children’s magic show for your organisation or special day. You can even have a party over ZOOM or Facetime!! It’s easy, just drop Bingo Jack a line here !!

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