Will a Birthday Party magic show work in winter?

Lots of parents are contacting Adelaide Magician, Bingo Jack unsure about whether a kid’s birthday party magic show will work in winter!

The short answer is YES

Yes a children’s birthday party will work and what’s more, Bingo Jack, perhaps Adelaide’s best family entertainer and birthday party magician will make it work for you!  But, there are a few considerations, outside might not be a terrific idea.

  • Outside Birthday Party 2Firstly, Magic doesn’t work in the rain! Wet props and soggy magicians aren’t magical and children tend not to sit for long when it’s pouring!
  • Secondly, it’s ok while the children are running around, but it might get a little hypothermic when the kids sit down for a 30 minute magic show!
  • Thirdly, even without rain, winter wind can disrupt a magic show and make things difficult.

Have an alternative.

It is wise to have an alternative venue.

Sometimes parents arrange shelters, rotunda’s or pavilions in community parks.  They give shelter from the rain, but often are not always windproof.  No matter, Bingo Jack will change the routines so the children still have a wonderful experience.

Sometimes when the weather is mentioned, parents often respond, but we don’t really have a big room in the house.  Have no fear, if you have a living room size area Bingo Jack will make it work for you!  That’s his job!

What about extra’s balloons or games packages?

Well, the same conditions generally apply.  Game can be changed to sit down or stand in place activities, while balloons can still be managed in small spaces.

So YES!!  You can have a birthday magic show for your child in winter, just have a think about the alternatives in case of inclement weather and talk with Bingo Jack about your requirements!!

After all, it is still a much better alternative than having 20 kids for 3 hours in your living room and nothinfor them to do after they’ve blown out the candles and sung happy birthday!!

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